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    Founded in2007Years

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    Cover an area of an area500m

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    Employees700More than one

  • Hundred million

    The registered capital4.1One hundred million yuan

Weihui municipal chunjiang cement co., LTD

Weihui Chunjiang Cement Co., Ltd.

Weihui municipal chunjiang cement co., LTD is the subsidiary of riverside group,Located in the henan province weihui municipal TangZhuang Town industrial park,Covers an area of500m,The existing staff700More than one,The registered capital4.1One hundred million yuan,Fixed assets15One hundred million yuan。The company has two nissan4500Tons of new dry process cement clinker production line、Two7.5Mw pure low temperature waste heat power generation units and four150Ten thousand tons of cement grinding system。Annual output of high-quality low alkali clinker查干湖冬季捕鱼Ten thousand tons,High quality low alkali cement500Ten thousand tons,High quality powder60Ten thousand tons...


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Riverside group to carry out the New Year visits condolences
Sound blessing language,The thick chunjiang。In the coming New Year,The secretary of the party committee PeiChunLiang group、The chairman hong-mei zhang entrusted,Riverside group party committee under the state council in conjunction with the trade unions,Organize subordinate units focus on conduct“Warm chunjiang”New Year visits condolences to party members and difficulties staff activities,For6Party members and of difficulties31Went to the riverside difficult employee send sincere greetings and New Year blessing。2Month10Monday morning,Riverside group vice President、Group headquarters party branch secretary Wang Xiting called sympathy difficulties in headquarters staff,On the organization's care and regards to riverside。  2Month10Monday morning,Riverside group, vice secretary of party committee、
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201aaaa000000018 14:48
Weihui municipal four team leaders to riverside group research hin FengRui extension project
3Month22Monday morning,WeiHui municipal party committee secretary liang often shipment、The city mayor Fan Shifu、Vice secretary of municipal party committee Liu Qing、Wang Shengqun, director of the standing committee、The chairman of the CPPCC Tian Zhen and so on four big team leader,Leaded the villages and towns、Related functional department head,In the CPC henan provincial party committee alternate committee member、Accompanied by secretary of the party committee PeiChunLiang riverside group,Hin to riverside group FengRui extension3000t/hLimestone aggregate production line project construction site research guidance。Beam secretary and other leaders a line to visit hin FengRui billiton aggregate production line project construction progress,The project production、The environmental protection、Intelligent management for the details
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Riverside thrive
Riverside thrive,Without good policy of reform and opening up,More from the center、Province、City leaders kindly care。Since its inception,Riverside have strong support from the party committees and governments at all levels and the social from all walks of life,This kind of“Pro”And“The qing dynasty”Business relationship in the sound and rapid development of added infinite power。
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201aaaa000000018 09:50
The advantage of high quality and economic development in China continue to increase
4Month17Day,The national bureau of statistics released in the first quarter this year national economy operation。Preliminary calculation,In the first quarter gross domestic product (GDP)198783One hundred million yuan,Calculated at comparable prices,Year-on-year growth6.8%。This is our countryGDPContinuous growth3Keep in a quarter6.8%,Is also continuous11Stability in a quarter6.7%To6.9%In the interval。??The state council information office17At a news conference,The national bureau of statistics spokesman said xing zhihong,In the first quarter of this year,The national economic operation got off to a good start。The current,Support the Chinese economy the favorable conditions and factors for the development of high quality continue to increase
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Xinxiang commendation advanced basic-level party organization
The new rural construction“Thousands of companies to help thousands of village”
Henan province consumer trustworthy brand
Statistical business standard acceptance